About us

Our estate agency is situated in the heart of Pápa, in the shopping street. You can find it on the first floor of a historic corner building over the branch of Budapest Bank. We formed our rooms matching the outside appearance preserving the elegancy of the patinated more than 100-year-old building. We equipped it with all the furniture and technical developments which make our work comfortable.

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About the history of our office


Our real estate-office was founded in 1995 by dr Decsi János - had been in practice as an individual attorney for decades by then - and his family, among them dr Decsi Péter who joined his father graduating from the university in 1993.

Establishing our partnership office for the real estate activity - connecting to our law activity -

was a logical step during the changes in 1990s, when the market economy became more intensive, the private enterprises became consummate, a number of foreign clients appeared.

During that period because of the bigger supply and demand for the real estates our activities became more involved.

Beside our real estate database growing wider and wider and our system of registration of clients our experienced colleagues guarantee the professional arrangements for our consigners and prospective clients in the shortest time.

It is important for us that at least one lawyer be in the office during the business hours to provide legal arrangements referring to the real estate affairs or to give advice to our clients at once.

Our principles

We think that our experienced agents with their big customer base can serve both the consigners and the prospective clients. We can match the most congruous supplies and demands so that the estate can change its owner at a real market price with their mutual agreement.

Our offices

Besides our law office there are two more rooms furnished homogeneously for our customer service and two air-conditioned meeting-rooms, a waiting-room (in summer with an open-roof-terrace), a kitchenette and a filing cabinet make it possible to deal with different clients at the same time. We can meet them in comfortable, discreet circumstances.

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Technical background

Our office owns the most up-to-date computer network and telecommunication technology. We have constant online access to the database of the Ministry of Justice, the whole database /TAKARNET/ of the Ministry of Agriculture and to other data banks needed for our work.
  • Interactive homepage: You can get in contact with us using our homepage through internet.
    Under "PROPERTY SEARCH" menu you can get interactive database by setting your different claims. This way you will be able to collect the details of the estates required. Then you will be able to save and print these details and photos with the horizontal plan on your own computer.Under "PROPERTY SALE" menu you can find a form which you can fill in about the details of your estate to be rent or sold . You can get these details into our database. Our colleague getting this information will get into contact with you to make a contract.

  • /files//xfmail.pngElectronic mails: Our office is available both via our webpage and e-mail address. We welcome all your posts.

  • Elektronikus ügyintézés: Irodánk teljes körű pénzügyi nyilvántartását, bankszámlaforgalmát és számlázását speciális számítógépes szoftverek segítségével végezzük.

  • /files//takarnet.gifTAKARNET: a country-wide online register of title deeds. We can obtain the data of real estates and proprietorship registers from all the Hungarian land offices in a few seconds.

  • /files//revol.jpgDigital filing and archiving system: Every incoming and outgoing post and document is scanned and filed in our office making our administration faster and simpler. All the database of our computers is saved while filing this way we try to avoid any loss of the data.We arrange all our financial records, bank transactions and invoicing using special software's.
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